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Royal Suite Apartment, Dar Bennis,
Dar Ben Safi, Riad Louna
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Fez Morocco hotels? Read guest reviews about renting traditional houses and experience Moroccan culture?  Visit to make a reservation to stay in a small palace, royal suite, or traditional ryad, dar, riad, riyad, or vacation rental home in the medieval souks of Fes, Morocco ¡��C Fes Maroc ¡��C Fez Marokko


Julie and I just got back from Morocco, we want to say how privileged we feel to have stayed in the Pasha Baghdadi Massriya. It is truly an exceptional apartment, and I would even recommend that visitors to Morocco plan their vacation around the Massriya, ideally ending their trip in Fez. You can't find better accommodations in Morocco. The location is perfect and Hafid is one of the coolest people we met in the country. He's an awesome guy, he made us feel right at home in the Fez Medina. The Massriya itself is just as it appears in the online photos. An absolutely top-notch experience, thank you for making it available to us!

Zack Steffens
September 2005

Staying at the Massriya was definitely a lifetime experience. The whole thing was just as you had described it, we really felt that, for four days at least, we were living as residents of the medina.
A quick sundowner up at the Palais Jamai reminded us that staying at a hotel would have provided an entirely different, and much more sterile, experience. Also to tell you what you know already - Hafid and Rachid are extremely good hosts - we really felt that nothing was too much trouble. It all added up to a great stay, thank you for making it possible.

With very best regards,

Geoff Linsell and Dan Ivens
April 2005

"Just a short note to say thanks for helping us have a fantastic time in Morocco. The Massriya was absolutely charming, as was Rachid. We could not have coped in Fes without him. His itinerary was excellent and kept us on our toes. Unfortunately we could not find the mudwasp's nest but everything else was just as described only more-so.

We all hope to return to Morocco again (insh¡��¢ all¡��¢) and will certainly be in touch when we do.

Many sh¡��²crans from us all,

James, Pauline Alex, Oliver and Pam. "

J. Smith & Family, London Pasha Baghdadi Massriya                         March 2002


"Not sure where I should begin, or where I'll find the words for that matter, to say thank you for making our trip to Morocco a wonderful experience. The trip was much more than I had ever imagined. The Massriya was a crowning touch. Absolutely grand and stunning yet warm and welcoming. We enjoyed our time in Fez immensely. Rachid was an incredible guide. Both warm and friendly and extremely well versed. He was fun to be with and made Fez accessible and fascinating. The time you took to spend with us on our visit was very much appreciated . . . Since our return, I've not stopped talking to people about the trip and about the Invisible World. Several people are expressing interest in traveling to Morocco so will definitely be promoting your group"

¡­ It was such a joy to meet you and spend some time with you. Staying at the Massriya in the medina, is something that I will carry as a wonderful memory."

B. Miller in Toronto                                                                                                             Pasha Baghdadi Massriya                                                                                                  October 2001

"The Pasha Baghdadi Massriya was lovely - the restoration work you are doing must be incredibly painstaking. It was lovely to sit in the evening and just stare at the incredible plasterwork. And the shower was fabulous! Thank you."

A. Blythe