Fes Medina Celebrates 20 Years in 2020


Our Work

Fez Medina offers access to a Fes invisible to the average tourist. We make it possible for travelers to experience living in a traditional house or riad in the medieval medina of Fes, Morocco, with full staff support. Fes Medina is a small, family-run social enterprise whose revenue supports non-profit artist residencies in the medina of Fes. We offer our services to honor and foster understanding of the remarkably intact Old City of Fes—its architecture, its spirituality, its culture, and its people. Fes Medina offers a range of unique services for our guests, including restoration tours and special cultural encounters. We offer more than just a vacation rental or a hotel in Fes—we offer an opportunity for a rare personal experience of Moroccan life.


Online Experiences:
Join Our Family as a Virtual Guest for Tea, Stories & a Tour!

Come to our home in the medieval Fes medina for an afternoon of tea, laughter, and stories of the Old City of Fes. Via the magic of Zoom, our family will welcome you into our traditional salon—reserved only for guests—and share the secrets of Moroccan mint tea. Then we will take you on a virtual walk through Fes’ mysterious alleys. Along the way, we will share stories about our adventures growing up in the Fes medina, sing songs, pour more tea, and laugh together. Far from your family? Bring your family together virtually in Fes with a private family tea and walk and celebrate a special experience together!


Rent a Historic House in the Medina

Rent a Historic House in the Medina. Fes Medina’s historic sites offer a range from the concentrated splendor of an antique massriya to the expansive inner world of a traditional riad with a garden of orange trees—an authentic and rewarding alternative to hotels in Fes. Rent a house in Fes and experience the life of the medina. We provide all you need to feel at home: Concierge services, linen, housekeeping, and Moroccan cell phones. Optional services include transportation such as pick-up at airport or train, and cultural experiences. Fez Medina offers more than a luxury hotel in Fez—we offer rare access to the secret life of the Fes medina.


Understanding the Fes Medina

An architectural treasure, the Fez medina is known for the most remarkable medina in Morocco, an intact medieval city of souks and labyrinthine alleys designated by UNESCO in its entirety as a World Monument. Fez was founded at the end of the 8th century. Its Andalusian Quarter was founded by over one thousand Muslim families expelled from Arab Andalusian Spain bearing with them the learning, culture and architecture of a civilization at the height of its glory. Fez’s traditional houses reflect the crafts that distinguish the Alhambra. Fez is the oldest of Morocco's imperial cities and a religious, intellectual and artistic center of great historic importance.

We provide all you need to feel at home in the ancient medina of Fez